Elektron Digitakt

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Elektron Digitakt
Elektron Digitakt - Synth Palace

Elektron Digitakt

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Compact, rugged and to the point, Digitakt is a formidable drum machine. With an astounding feature set and an exquisite digital sound engine, the stage is set for a striking encounter.

Digitakt is a compact sampling drum machine from Elektron. It contains all the necessary tools to make people move to the beat. A digital and highly flexible sound engine, sampling capability, a live-friendly sequencer, dedicated tracks for controlling external MIDI gear, and Overbridge support.

Drum machines are something of an Elektron speciality. With the Digitakt we show why.

Digitakt is made for heavy use. It features hi-res encoders and extremely durable back-lit buttons (rated for 50 million presses). The ultra-crisp OLED screen perfectly renders the clear and streamlined user interface.


Sample-based drum machine with 64MB sample memory and over 1GB of onboard storage

8 stereo audio tracks support one-shot samples and sample chains

1 multimode-filter per audio track and 1 assignable LFO per track

Delay and Reverb send effects onboard

8 MIDI tracks for sequencing external instruments

Powerful Elektron sequencing with Trig Conditions and Parameter Locks

MIDI sequencer features +3 note offset for every step for sequencing chords up to four notes

USB 2.0 connectivity, with support for Overbridge

MIDI In, Out, and Thru ports


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