Ampeg/Burns of London Deluxe Wild Dog

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Ampeg/Burns of London Deluxe Wild Dog - Synth Palace
Ampeg/Burns of London Deluxe Wild Dog - Synth Palace

Ampeg/Burns of London Deluxe Wild Dog

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  • Brand: Ampeg
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Ampeg imported guitars made by Burns of London for a couple of years in the early to mid-1960s.

This model is the very rare "Deluxe" version that was designed with a full-scale neck with binding and different body shape - then the more common (but still rare) short-scale "Wild Dog" guitar.

The vibrato is very smooth - it does not have a huge range, but it smoothly can go a whole step - up or down.

It comes with its original case - which is covered in the Ampeg "Blue Check" tolex (that matched their amps of the day) and the original Burns tool kit.

Overall this 54-year-old guitar is in nice condition - but I will list it's flaws as best to my knowledge:

The neck plays well with fairly low action - but it has a slight bow and some players may prefer to adjust the truss rod.  Before listing, I checked the truss rod for function and it did not seem to have an effect on the bow.  The vintage Burns guitars have a unique appendage/tool for adjusting and I don't know if it is a simple fix or not to activate what may be a disengaged internal gear.

The electronics work great with the exception of the "treble" selector.  The volume and tone circuits work as they should.  The "Split Sound" setting works as it should - as it utilizes the top three pole pieces in the neck pickup for the bass strings (E - A - D) and the bottom three pole pieces in the bridge pickup for the higher strings (G - B - E).  The "Jazz" selection gives a big - fat round tone for all six strings  - and the "Wild Dog" selection has a sharp twangy tone - somewhat like a Telecaster bridge pickup.  The issue is, the treble selection makes no sound.  It is my guess that the treble selection is being heard in the "Wild Dog" position.  It is likely an easy fix - but someone would need to get under the pickguard to figure it out.

I believe the fretboard is made from Brazilian Rosewood.


Brand: Ampeg/Burns of London

Model: Deluxe Wild Dog/Split Sound Guitar

Finish: Cherry Red Shaded with Black

Categories: Solid Body

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