Boss DR-550 Dr. Rhythm

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Boss DR-550 Dr. Rhythm - Synth Palace
Boss DR-550 Dr. Rhythm - Synth Palace

Boss DR-550 Dr. Rhythm

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  • SKU: dru-005
  • Brand: Boss
  • Type: Drum Machine
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Built with an ultra-compact design, streamlined 12-button effect interface and a total bank of 48 available sounds, the Boss DR-550 Dr. Rhythm is a powerful option in the world of entry-level drum machines. Capable of fills and shuffles with 32nd notes and triplets available in programming, the DR-550 also sports five bass and six snare sounds with the option for timbre selection to develop an arsenal of beats and patterns. More than just a practice tool for guitarists, this powerful little beatbox is an excellent companion for bedroom producers and old-school DJs alike.


Sounds: 91 16-bit

Polyphony: 12 voices

LCD: multifunction, non-backlit

Playing pads: 12, non-dynamic

Preset patterns: 64

Programmable patterns: 64

Songs: 8

Maximum pattern length: 16 steps


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