AMS DMX 15-80 Delay and Harmonizer

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AMS DMX 15-80 Delay and Harmonizer - Synth Palace
AMS DMX 15-80 Delay and Harmonizer - Synth Palace

AMS DMX 15-80 Delay and Harmonizer

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Legendary vintage AMS DMX 15-80, Delay, Harmoniser and Sampler! The AMS DMX 15-80 was the world’s first microprocessor-controlled digital delay. It emerged in the late ’70s, preceded by analog tape delays and succeeded ultimately by pedals, and eventually, plugins.

Yet the AMS digital delay had a profound impact on the audio world, opening producers up to a newfound world of expression. Nowhere is this more evident than in the story of the sonically groundbreaking record Unknown Pleasures, the band Joy Division and the legendary producer Martin Hannett. The AMS digital delay was the first of its kind, heralding a whole new era of digital effects in music, and forever deepening the possibilities of production.

The DMX can be heard on thousands of recordings from the 80s to the present day and was certainly one of the core studio staples that defined the musical soundscape of the 80s. Today AMS units such as this can still be found in regular use in top studios worldwide. Their sound is still so coveted that Universal Audio have now collaborated with AMS to produce the UAD plug-in version. However, as with all digital emulations of vintage hardware, nothing can match the sound of the real thing.


Released: 1978

Quantization: 12bit

Sampling Frequency: Unknown

Frequency Response: 10Hz-18kHz

Dynamic Range: 90dB

THD: below 0.035%


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