E-mu Emulator III

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E-MU Emulator III - Synth Palace
E-MU Emulator III - Synth Palace

E-mu Emulator III

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The E-mu Emulator III is an analogue sound monster! The E-Mu EIII works with a hybrid sound generation system that uses analog filters, among other things. Incidentally, it should be mentioned that there are very few samplers that work with analog filters. The difference between analogue and digital is not only heard by die-hard synth freaks, but was also immediately recognizable by laypeople. 

The Emulator III is a highly interesting machine, especially as a workstation: you have a self-sufficient production studio that can compete with many computer-aided solutions in terms of handling, sound and versatility. The EIII design deserves special attention. An inimitable testimony of a past industrial culture.

The E-Mu EIII uses subtractive sound generation. Up to two samples (to create true stereo sounds) can be played per voice. Two envelopes, LFO, a 24 dB filter with resonance and a very comprehensive routing of modulation options can be used in real time in the analog block.


Polyphony - 16 voices

Sampler - 16-bit, 44.1kHz (67 seconds)

Sequencer - 16 tracks, 100 patterns, 100 songs

Filter - Yes there is a filter and it is FAT!

VCA - ADSR envelope control

Keyboard - 61 keys (velocity and aftertouch)

Memory - 4Mb expandable to 8Mb

Control - MIDI

Date Produced - 1987

Keyboard - 71 keys (velocity sensitive)

Control - CV/Gate

Weight - 82 pounds (37 Kg)

Date Produced - 1975-80


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