Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter

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Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter - Synth Palace

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter

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These vintage pedals sound far superior to the reissues in our opinion.

The sought-after second version of the small enclosure Small Stone – possibly the best-sounding of all the various incarnations – and the model understood to have been used by Jean Michel Jarre on his landmark Oxygene album. It’s capable of a wide range of effects, from subtle and watery to thick and syrupy. We have tried most phaser pedals at some time (and own many vintage examples): there are some that can get close to an approximation of the Small Stone (the MXR Phase 100 for example), but none that quite nail ‘that’ sound. You will find yourself reaching for this pedal again and again. Sounds great on guitars, synths, Rhodes, Wurli, etc; it’s great for breathing analog life into digital synths and samples. Famously used by Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood and Jean Michel Jarre who used it on his string synths to get that Oxygene sound.

It can be powered by 9v battery (new Duracell Procell fitted) or EH power supply (not included – or tested with a power supply, but it works perfectly with a 9v battery).

From Guitar Geek:

This cute little one knobber is probably one of the most recorded phasers of all time. Forget what you’ve heard in the past, because this is what a phaser really sounds like. Its rich milky swirl is instantly recognizable. A single knob effectively maintains control over the Small Stone’s rate while a simple switch takes care of two Color settings. The large well-placed rate knob allows for easy rate adjustments while onstage. Slow settings in the
high color mode dial in subtle sweeps while fast settings in the high mode gurgle with a hint of watery ring modulation.

While these extreme excursions are fun, the mellow settings are where the Small Stone’s personality really shines through. All the classic Uni-vibe and Leslie sounds are found here in all their smooth liquid-like glory. The sound literally surrounds and absorbs your guitar signal and makes for a wonderful experience.


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