Eventide H3000 SE Ultra-Harmonizer

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Eventide H3000 SE Ultra-Harmonizer - Synth Palace
Eventide H3000 SE Ultra-Harmonizer - Synth Palace

Eventide H3000 SE Ultra-Harmonizer

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The H3000 is capable of creating effects ranging from full stereo pitch changes, delays, reverbs, and more.  Yes, but what is it? It’s a stereo pitch changer, delay, reverb and a whole lot more, with a large range of algorithms to choose from and then endlessly tweak – these range from conventional effects to some truly far-out sonic manipulations. The Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer is a family of products based around a multi-purpose programmable, digital audio signal processor. The variety of 3000 series models include.

calleThe H3000-S (Studio), the H3000-SE (Special Edition), the H3000-B (Broadcast), the H3000-3+, the H3000-B/LT, the H3000-D/SX, the H3000-D/SE, the H3500-db, and the H3500-dfx/e. The H3500 models are also available in broadcast versions. Our version at Synth Palace has been updated with all H3500 algorithms, so it’s jam-packed with fx!

They're called Ultra because they do more than the earlier models. To begin with, they have full stereo pitch change. They also are digital reverbs. And they’re a lot more. The Eventide H3000 is capable of creating effects you’ve never heard before. The Eventide H3000 is fully MIDI controllable, with clickless, real-time MIDI control. The Eventide H3000 has all these effects, and more, at your fingertips:

DIATONIC SHIFT – A pitch shifter that stays in key

DUAL SHIFT – Two separate pitch shifters

LAYERED SHIFT – Two pitch shifts from one input

STEREO SHIFT – Mono-compatible stereo pitch shifting (maintains stereo imaging)

REVERSE SHIFT – Backwards-talking pitch shift

SWEPT COMBS – Six sweepable delay lines, with stereo panning

SWEPT REVERE – A dense reverb with smooth sweep capability

REVERB FACTORY – A full-featured reverb with EQ and flexible gating

ULTRA-TAP – Twelve delay taps with full control over panning, level, and delay, Includes a diffusor to generate dense gated reverb effects

DUAL DIGIPLEX – A stereo delay with smooth delay change LONG DIGIPLEX – A 1.5 second delay with smooth delay control

PATCH FACTORY – A “modular” efects program that lets you design your own effect. “Pateh” together delay lines, filters and pitch shifting to create never-heard-before effects.

STUTTER – Get that st..st..stutter sound – effortlessly

DENSE ROOM – Our densest reverb, with unique front/back position control

VOCODER – This is our version of the classic vocoding effect

MULTI-SHIFT – Two six-octave pitch shifters, two delays, panning and patchable feedback paths make this program incredibly useful. BAND DELAY – A multi-tap delay line feeding eight resonant bandpass filters make for some sounds like you’ve never heard

STRING MODELLER – This program lets the H3000 double as an extra voice in your

MIDI rack PHASER – A wonderfully thick, smooth, phase-shifting effect that is hard to beat

MOD FACTORY – The latest algorithms that add effects such as delay ducking, BPM delays and sweeps, compression, manual flanging, smooth auto panning, audio-triggered sweeps and much more.


Inputs: Stereo, true differential balanced

Outputs: Stereo, differential, transformerless

Dynamic range: > 92dB, A-weighted

Distortion: 0.01 % at 1kHz at 1dB below dip point in Pitch Change mode, with zero shift

Sampling rate: 44 1 kHz

Resolution: 16 bit

Frequency response: 5Hz-20kHz, +/-1dB

Delay: Up to 5 seconds

Pitch variation: 1 octave up, 2 octaves down


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