Kenton USB Solo

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Kenton USB Solo - Synth Palace
Kenton USB Solo - Synth Palace

Kenton USB Solo

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As it both connects and is powered directly from USB, the USB Solo is all you need to control an analog synthesizer from a computer. With no MIDI interface necessary, and no external power supply, cabling clutter is kept to a minimum. The USB Solo still maintains the famous Kenton tuning stability though, as well as a full-scale range on the CV and auxiliary outputs thanks to its internal power circuitry.

The CV output can operate at 1V/Oct, Hz/Volt or 1.2V/Oct. The scaling and tuning are adjustable, to accommodate any unruly synths. The Gate output can work at several different voltage levels, and can also be set to work a S-trig instead. In addition to this, the USB Solo also features a Sync24 output, so your vintage Roland equipment can join in as well. The USB Solo is a class-compliant USB MIDI device, and doesn’t require installing any drivers, just plug and play.


Power: Power is supplied by the USB host device via the USB cable

Dimensions: 130 x 97 x 40 mm

Weight: 450g

MIDI: In & Out (via USB)

Analog Outputs: CV on 3.5mm mono jack (V/oct or Hz/V or 1.2V/oct)

Gate on 3.5mm mono jack (Gate or S-trig – with or without pullups)

Aux1 on 3.5mm mono jack (CV and Aux 1 use 16bit DAC for rock steady pitches)

Digital Outputs Aux2 & Aux3 on 3.5mm mono jacks (off=0 volts on=+5 volts)

Sync 24 on 5 pin 180 degree DIN socket

USB Connector Type B socket – USB A to B cable supplied 1.8 metre


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