Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay Model 93

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Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay Model 93 - Synth Palace
Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay Model 93 - Synth Palace

Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay Model 93

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The Lexicon Prime Time Model 93 is a digital delay rack effect unit released in 1978. It is capable of delivering completely unique and singular sounds.

The Prime Time 93 is a mono delay line with two inputs and two independent taps. You can invert either signal, mix their levels, and bypass the delay completely with the front panel switches.There are a few special features that really make the Prime Time 93 a secret sonic weapon for people like Daniel Lanois. 

The indicated delay settings can be multiplied by factors of 2, 4, and 8 with the delay multiply switch to achieve delay times up to 128 msec X 8 = 1.024 seconds (or 256 msec x 8 = 2.048 seconds). The 1, 2, 4, and 8 positions also program the system bandwidth so that the 12 khz bandwidth (available at 1 x position) becomes 6khz at the 2 x position, 3khz at the 4 x position, and 1.5khz at the 8 x position.

Basically, the longer the delay, the more lo-fi the output since you’re cutting out bandwidth. Just to give you an example, a telephone line operates at 3khz bandwidth. The same as when you’re using the 4 x delay multiply. Combine tone mangling delay with an oscillator and infinite repeat and you’re off to the races. Actually, the Prime Time has both an LFO and a VCO. Internally, the digital circuits are all run by a clock at ultrasonic rates. In the fixed delay mode, the clock is a crystal oscillator. When you click the knob to ‘UnCal’, the clock is taken over by a Voltage-Controlled Oscillator running at similar high speed which you can change with the manual sweep or with the LFO. 



*Dynamic Range: 95dB typical, 90dB Min 11A11 Weighted

90dB typical, 86dB Min Unweighted

**Total Distortion Less than 0.08% at limit reference level and

and Noise 1kHz; less than 0.3% at -34dB

Frequency Response 20Hz to 12kHz +1, -2dB, measured 12dB below limit

level with Delay Multiply at Xl; bandpass is reduced

to 6kHz, 3kHz, and 1 .5kHz with Delay Multiply

at X2, X4, and X8 respectively.

Delay capacity 128ms at full bandpass - standard; 256ms at full

bandpass with optional add-on Delay Memory Module

Delay Multiply Extends delays by X2, X4, or X8; (2048ms with addon

Memory option)

Delay Taps Two, individually selectable in 60 steps with

digital display of each setting

Delay Adjustment Continuous and noiseless adjustment from 100% to

50% of selected delay time; max. sweep range up

to 1024ms

vco Modulation Depth adjustable from 0 to 100% of Delay Adjustment

range; Frequency adjustable from 0.1 to 20Hz

Delay Accuracy 0.01% long term in Cal mode plus .12ms delay offset

Inputs Main and auxiliary inputs: balanced, 40k input

impedance, 20dB gain switch allows matching of

levels from -18dB to +18dB at limiting, XLR-3

type connectors.

Master output Transformer isolated, balanced, 90 ohms max., adjustable

to 18dBm max., XLR-3 type connectors

supplemental outputs Delay A, Delay B, and Input Mix, 100 ohms max,

single ended, ~~~ phone jack connectors; A and B

Outputs adjustable from +8to +18dBm

Input Mixer 5 faders for Main Input, Auxiliary Input, Delay A

and B recirculation, and Master; 5 level LED Headroom

Indicator verifies proper mix level

Recirculated Delay Individual control for recirculated Delays A and

Rolloff B from 15kHz to 800Hz

output Mixer 5 faders for Dry Input, Aux Input, Delay A, Delay

B and Master Out with overload indicator

*Defined as the ratio of the 1kHz output level at reference limit level to

the output level with the input shorted across 600 ohms. Unweighted noise

is measured over the bandwidth of 20Hz to 20kHz. Weighted noise is measured

according to the ANSI "A" curve.

**Input sensitivity set so that an lBdBm input corresponds to "0" LED just

going out (this is "limit level"). Output sensitivity set to produce +lBdBm

with 600 ohm load under these conditions.


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