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Montreal Assembly 856 for ZELLERSASN

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Montreal Assembly 856 for ZELLERSASN - Synth Palace
Montreal Assembly 856 for ZELLERSASN - Synth Palace

Montreal Assembly 856 for ZELLERSASN

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The 856 for ZELLERSASN (856) is a looper that allows playback of many layered copies of a single recording, each layer can have various unique manipulations of the original recording. Portions from the recorded loop can be played back in various rhythms and at different pitches. Once a series of transformations has been composed, this sequence of manipulations can be stored and can be applied to new loops/recordings.

The current version of the pedal requires 150 mA @9V DC, and uses the typical 2.1mm barrel jack connector with a negative tip polarity (standard boss etc). This pedal uses a buffered bypass.



Power: Use a 9V DC negative tip supply to power the 856. The supply must be able to deliver at least 150mA.

USB Mini: This USB port can be used to update the firmware on the device. It has no other use.

Midi In: The 856 can receive midi data/be controlled by midi (see later sections). Connect the midi out of your controller to this jack.

Midi Out: The Midi out is setup as a midi through jack so you can daisy chain midi devices. The 856 does not provide any midi out signals itself, it simply passes through midi info received on the Midi in jack.

Audio In: Plug your instrument into the audio input. It accepts a mono signal.

Audio Out: Plug your amp into the audio out jack. It produces a mono signal


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