Neumann U87

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Neumann U87 - Synth Palace
Neumann U87 - Synth Palace

Neumann U87

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The Neumann U87 has been used to record many of the greatest songs in popular music since the 1950s. Countless producers have used the Neumann U87 to capture vocals, guitars, pianos, and all sorts of other instruments. To this day, even rookie producers building up their arsenal of microphones and studio equipment will seek out the U87 as it is considered an industry standard and has long seen much success.

Part of the reason why the Neumann U87 is such a studio favorite is because of its reliability. Rarely will a U87 ever give out. Beyond its dependability, it also provides a unique warmth that allows its sound to sit well in the mix. Though the Neumann U87 has been reinvented and re-built in new, unique ways throughout the years, the classic version still retains a high quality of sound that is unparalleled. A third reason why to consider the Neumann U87 for your setup is because of its versatility. Having been in many different recording studios, one comes to recognize the real impact that a microphone can have on a vocal sound. Moving past the influence that the microphone has on manipulating the sound of the voice, it must also be kept in mind how each person’s voice is unique and different. Throughout popular music in the past seventy-five years, many vocalists have gone to the Neumann U87 due to it being able to record perfectly all different types of voices and instruments.

The history of the U87 goes back to 1928 when its early predecessor was first brought to market by George Neumann, a German inventor who established his company that same year in Berlin. The Neumann U87 as we know it today first came into being in the mid-1960s when phantom power begun to be used in microphone design and manufacturing. Since 1991, the Neumann Company has been overseen by the Sennheiser Group, and they have continued to produce the Neumann U87 brand up until today. The signature sounds of the U87 can be heard on recordings by some of the world’s biggest-selling artists, including The Beatles, Ray Charles, Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, and numerous others.

The Neumann U87 provides clarity, warmth, and richness, picking up on nuance frequencies and enhancing performance in a way that other microphones can only imitate. To experts in the recording industry, the U87 is more than worth its price tag which is why it is still considered to be among the most famous condenser microphones in the world. Artists as diverse as Kurt Cobain all the way to Drake have depended on the Neumann U87 in some capacity to capture their sound and artistry.

Do you need a $3,000 microphone to make a great track – of course not. That said, the Neumann U87 makes it easier to make music and will support your mixes in a way that other microphones cannot. When it comes to the best microphones for recording vocals, most singers prefer a Neumann U87. If you are a beginner just using a laptop to produce mixes, you might be able to get by with a lesser copy of the U87. However, if you want to make music other than your own and/or want to take production more seriously, the Neumann U87 is likely to become a favorite among artists you work with.


Mic Type: Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

Weight: 500g / 17.64oz

Length: 200mm / 7.87''

Diameter: 56mm / 2.20''

Interface(s): 3-pin XLR male (1)



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