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NIIO Analog Iotine Core

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NIIO Analog Iotine Core - Synth Palace
NIIO Analog Iotine Core - Synth Palace

NIIO Analog Iotine Core

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The Iotine Core is a dual in, 3 out analog processor that redefines what can be achieved in an outboard processor. The Iotine Core features 3 separate processing layers that each include a filter, vca, and a selection of saturation circuits.

The dual-channel sat selection with variable drive offers rich texture and intensity circuits designed to alter sound density through analog distortion and waveshaping techniques.

Dynamic movement of frequency and amplitude of the layers is a base design feature of the Iotine Core. The movement is derived from envelopes that are triggered from the sound itself, resulting in organic and flexible modulation that conforms to the sound and creates a living animation that pulls out or pushes down elements of the sound.

Further processing can be applied by separating the layers on output from the Iotine Core, allowing external mixing and effecting options that expand the unit into an incredibly flexible processing system.


ENV x2

H-AR envelope with full HOLD/ATTACK/RELEASE/THRESHOLD controls with triggering from either INPUT or VCF

EXT TRIG allows triggering from a separate audio or voltage control source


12db VCF for shaping the sound pre-SAT. Normal and inverse mod from the ENV and direct mod via 1/8” jack allows frequency animation that can be triggered by or follow either input signal

Features variable Q saturation in conjunction with the “IN” control

Full range Filter MOD from envelope in both normal and inverse polarity

XT MOD from audio or voltage control source

SAT x2

6 SAT circuits with variable drive create texture and density, and with the dual channel layout, multiple saturation options exist with the ability to filter and ampmod around the selected voltage control source

VCA x2

Functions as an Expander/gate or compressor


AUDIO routing from INPUT1/SAT1/SAT2

FILTER with LP/BP/HP and open Q


VCA with Normal and Inverse MOD from ENV ½ or direct waveform MOD from SAT 1/2


balanced/unbalanced ¼”

2 in 3 out + mix out


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