Pearl DRX-1

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Pearl DRX-1 - Synth Palace
Pearl DRX-1 - Synth Palace
Pearl DRX-1 - Synth Palace

Pearl DRX-1

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  • Brand: Pearl
  • Type: Drum Machine
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The Pearl DRX-1 has 5 Instruments that can be triggered by drumpads. Of course, you can also feed some trigger signals into it. All instruments have the same parameters and are therefore sounding identical, although the pitch ranges are a little different. Beside Bassdrum there is the Snare and 3 Toms. Each has its own trigger-in and an individual out jack, 6.3mm. If you do not use the individual jacks, all sounds are summed together to a stereo-out. Very solid, professional and expensive hardware.

To edit the sounds you select a pad (=sound), with two buttons (+/-) you select the parameter and with two other buttons you can increase/decrease the value. The range is from 1-19 for all parameters.

1. Pitch = the basic tune of the sound

2. Bend = the amount of pitch modulation, the pitch is also velocity-dependant. heavy hit=more bend. Only positive (piuuuu).

3. Mix OSC/Noise = here you can blend from OSC-only to Noise-Only

4. Overtone = WOW, i love this parameter! It adds some ring modulation sound to simulate the second drumhead of a tom.

5. Attack = Volume of Attack-Sound, a short enveloped Noise, not a Click. Makes the drumsound more defined and aggressive.

6. Filter = Lowpass for the Noise, also dampens the Attack-sound and even the Oscillator.

7. Decay = with high settings, the sound is very long, 808-like. With the shortest value, the decay is still quite long. It’s because this unit doesnt work with t-bridges like the 808/cr78/er-0/dr55 a.s.o. machines but with oscillators that get modulated by enveloped VCAs like on the 909. It has 2×13900 (dual channel-OTAs) per channel.

*** this pearl drum-x has been modded to have knobs for every aspect of each of the drum sounds, like in the first video. This is to the sacrifice of the 8 patch memories but it’s well worth it!


Type: Synth/Drum Module

Synthesis Type: Analog subtractive


Max: 5

Typical in use: 5

Multi-timbral (number of parts): 5

Oscillators per Voice:

Min: 1

Max: 1

Controllers: Trigger in per voice

Number of Drum Kits: 8


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