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Red Panda Particle

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Red Panda Particle - Synth Palace

Red Panda Particle

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Red Panda Particle is a granular delay/pitch shifting pedal. It chops your signal into small grains and then does various strange, trippy, robot things to it, using the techniques of granular synthesis in real-time. Results range from radical pitch and delay modulation to shimmering repeats to stutter & glitch sounds.

This pedal is awesome! If you like quirky pedals, you will love it. The Particle has a deep delay and great pitch shifter for creative guitarists with an affection for creating soundscapes. This pedal is made for musicians who are not afraid of new sonic experiments.


Size: 3.05" x 4.75" x 2.5"

Input impedance: 1 MΩ

Output impedance: < 1 kΩ

Power: 9 VDC, center negative

Current: 250 mA


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