Roland CP-40 Pitch to MIDI Converter

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Roland CP-40 Pitch to MIDI Converter
Roland CP-40 Pitch to MIDI Converter - Synth Palace

Roland CP-40 Pitch to MIDI Converter

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  • Brand: Roland
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Sing your song and let your synth sing along.. not bad..

This unit converts any monophonic signal like voice or guitar to Midi notes.

This is an incredible processor that turns pitched sound into midi note messages! It also recognizes Velocity and Expression! You can use it with supplied condenser microphone or you can plug a guitar or bass into it. Think about possibilities! Just google it and download the manual. This unit is in perfect working order and looks almost like new. It's very hard to find this processor with the original microphone. Operating it is very easy.

Just connect it to midi sockets of your synth or soundcard, plug guitar or microphone and play, sing or experiment. Great tool for composers and guitarists.

The main panel features a 7-segments display, a gain peak-meter, 2 sliders and 4 membrane buttons. The CP-40 originally came with a cheap dynamic microphone but you can use any others.


 Pitch Name (7-seg)
, Input level
, Mode indicators


MIDI ch (1-16)

OCT.Shift (2- –2)


Bend Mode (1-3)

Threshold (1-3)

Jacks: MIDI IN/OUT, Audio in (-60dBm – -35dBm)

Power Supply: 9V DC (Supplied AC Adaptor: PSA series)

Current Draw: 100mA


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