Roland SDD-320 Dimension D Chorus

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Roland SDD-320 Dimension D Chorus - Synth Palace
Roland SDD-320 Dimension D Chorus - Synth Palace

Roland SDD-320 Dimension D Chorus

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The Roland SDD-320 Dimension D is a one-of-a-kind studio gem that adheres to the principle of doing one thing, and doing it extremely well. Its one and only function: some of the best sounding stereo choruses ever made. However, the Dimension D is more than a chorus, it is really a unique sound enhancer for adding spatial effects to mono or stereo sources. The Dimension D does not create a dramatically new sound, but enhances the characteristics of any voice or instrument, and gives a new “dimension” without the apparent movement of sound produced by other chorus devices. The strength of the Dimension D is in its subtlety. This classic 1979 Roland device has been heard on countless records, from luminaries such as Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads and INXS. With only four push button ‘dimension’ settings, the Dimension D is the ultimate in functional simplicity.


Input Level: Nominal +4dBm, Maximum +14dBm

Input Impedance: Balanced 26k ohm, Unbalanced 13k ohm

Output Level: Nominal +4dBm

Load Impedance: Balanced greater than 600 ohm, Unbalanced greater than 600 ohm

Gain: MODE = OFF 0 dB

S/N Ratio: greater than 95dB

Switches: Dimension Mode (OFF, 1, 2, 3, 4)

Jacks: Input: Standard Phone (L,R), XLR (L,R) Output: Standard Phone (L,R) XLR (L,R)

Power Consumption: 8W


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