Roland TR-626

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Roland TR-626 - Synth Palace
Roland TR-626 - Synth Palace

Roland TR-626

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  • Brand: Roland
  • Type: Drum Machine
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The TR-626 is sort of an upgraded digital version of the classic TR-606 and TR-505 Rhythm Composers. This beat-box is still simple but has a few good points that come from its legendary ancestors - the TR-909 and TR-808. Its sounds are pretty drab, they are 12-bit low-quality samples of the most boring acoustic drum sounds around. Fortunately, the sounds can be individually tuned and mixed and there are 8 individual outputs for the basic sounds as well as a stereo out. Its sequencer is very basic, coming with 48 preset patterns and 48 user patterns. But it has a simple matrix display similar to that on the TR-505, clearly displaying the current pattern in a graphical layout. The 626 also featured very good MIDI implementation for it's time. It has been used by Vangelis and Jimmy Edgar.

How does this have a lower rating on here than the TR-505? I've never used a 505, but the 626 is better in every way. I think in many ways it's a cheaper alternative to the TR-707/727, albeit with an admittedly less intuitive interface and not nearly as cool looking or "iconic" as those two. It does have the added bonus of being able to tweak the pitches of the instruments (with a bit of menu diving) and is good for sequencing other gear over MIDI. If you want a decent vintage X0X rhythm machine, this is the best deal going on the second-hand market; I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the lust for vintage Roland gear drives the prices up to stupid levels.

This bad boy is my baby. Incredible drum machine!


Polyphony: 8 voices

Sounds: 12 Bit samples of 30 plain old standard drum sounds

Controls: Individual tuning and level, tempo

Patterns: 48 preset, 48 user

Songs: 6

Arpeg/Seq: Sequencer limited to 1/16th note steps

Keyboard: 16 drum tone pads

Control: MIDI


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