Akai ASQ10

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Akai ASQ10 - Synth Palace
Akai ASQ10 - Synth Palace

Akai ASQ10

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A quite forgotten bulky hardware sequencer designed to expand  Akai MPC60 sequencing Midi options. Also designed by Roger Linn

The ASQ-10 is the sequencer section from the Akai MPC60, the result of the Roger Linn collaboration with Akai. Featuring extremely accurate MIDI clock timing and the ability to read SMPTE time code, it also has 2 MIDI In Ports and 4 MIDI Out Ports. OS version 3.10.

In 1988, Akai also released the sequencer section of the MPC60 as a standalone hardware product in its own right, the ASQ10. As with the MPC60, this was renowned for its solid MIDI timing compared to computer software-based systems.

Akai's first desktop sequencer was the ASQ10 and it was amazing. Up to 99 sequences, 99 tracks, 60,000-note capacity, 3.5" built-in disk drive and sophisticated real-time or step recording and programming. Overdubbing, punch in/out, track soloing and a big LCD data screen. Extensive edit-ability, recording features and MIDI implementation make the ASQ10 one of the best stand-alone MIDI sequencers around.


Sequencer capacity: 60,000 notes 

Resolution: 96 divisions per quarter

Sequences: 99 + Tracks per sequence

Record modes: Record, Overdub

Song mode: 20 songs, 256 steps per song

Sync modes: SMPTE, MIDI Time Code, MIDI clock, MIDI Song Position Pointer, FSK 24, Pulse 96 PPQ note clicks

BPM range: from 30 to 400

Meter range: 1/4 to 31/32

Quantise interval: 1/8 to 1/32 triplet, plus Off

Data storage: double-density, double-sided 3.5" floppy disk 


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