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Black Corporation Deckard's Dream

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Black Corporation Deckard's Dream - Synth Palace
Black Corporation Deckard's Dream - Synth Palace

Black Corporation Deckard's Dream

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The Deckard's Dream from Black Corp is a modern re-imagining of the classic Yamaha CS-80, bringing the sounds of Vangelis into a 21st-century workflow complete with MPE support and a considerably smaller footprint than its predecessor. While it is not a 1:1 clone of the CS-80, the Deckard's Dream faithfully emulates the workflow of the original, bringing the sounds of this inaccessible dream synth into the hands of the masses.

Deckard's Dream is 8-voice polyphonic, with two independent layers per voice. The original waveshapes are reproduced via discrete waveshapers, and a variety of tuning settings allow for everything from a tightly tuned feel to vintage detuning peculiarities. The oscillator section offers saw and square shapes, as well as PWM via dedicated sine LFO. Each voice offers a lowpass and highpass filter with independent resonance settings, as well as a dedicated filter and VCA ADSR envelopes.

The magic of Deckard's Dream comes to the surface when combined with an MPE-capable controller such as the Roger Linn Linnstrument or Roli Seaboard. Capable of polyphonic aftertouch and polyphonic pitch bend, Deckard's Dream can easily expand into an expressive instrument with touch-controlled vibrato, pressure-induced filtering effects, and much more.

Deckard's Dream is an extremely modern take on classic synthesizer design. Place it into a standard rack frame, add a controller (MPE or not), and get lost in sounds from Vangelis to pure outer space.


Polyphony: 8 voices

Outputs: LOW and HIGH via 1/4" TS

MIDI: In & Thru via 5-pin DIN

USB: type B, device/host

Power: 9-24V, included

Dimensions: 19" 4U rackmount (19 x 7 x 7.8")


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