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Casper Electronics Nova Drone

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Casper Electronics Nova Drone - Synth Palace
Casper Electronics Nova Drone - Synth Palace

Casper Electronics Nova Drone

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The Nova Drone is an open-source, analog experimental sound and light synth. It it can be used to create effects ranging from slowly fading drones to chaotic harmonic sequences. It also functions as a complex visual pattern generator when combined with a digital/phone video camera. See the video below for an example of the color patterns generated by holding a camera up to the LED.


The NovaDrone offers 3 channels of sound and light. Each channel has the following features: 



  • TONE pitch coarse tune 24Hz to 750Hz
TONE pitch fine-tune
-LFO rate .008 Hz (around 1 cycle every 2 minutes) to 750Hz


sync 1

  • sync 2


  • ext sync 3

  • PITCH modulation

  • LFO rate modulation


  • TONE square wave

  • TONE triangle wave

  • LFO square wave

  • LFO triangle wave

  • PWM square wave

  • High current LED out for off board LEDs

The Nova Drones offers 12 potentiometers, 10 switches, 6 oscillators, 9 oscillator sync inputs, 6 frequency modulation inputs and an epic 15 voltage outputs as well as 3 high current outputs for controlling external LEDs. All of the ins and outs have been routed to a prototyping breadboard at the bottom of the unit which allows for liberal experimentation and development of custom circuits. The prototyping area is especially useful for syncing the oscillators of 2 or more Nova Drones together.

*** This particular Novadrone setup comprises two Novadrones in a beautiful acrylic case!


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