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Conductive Labs NDLR MIDI Arpeggiator

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Conductive Labs NDLR MIDI Arpeggiator - Synth Palace
Conductive Labs NDLR MIDI Arpeggiator - Synth Palace

Conductive Labs NDLR MIDI Arpeggiator

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We’ve turned complex music theory into a killer synthesizer jamming MIDI controller. With four parts that can play up to 8 synths, you can make fantastic electronic music, such as soundscapes, electronica, ambient, electro, or techno to name a few.  Whether noodling in your music space after work or jamming with friends, The NDLR can take your music to amazing places!

Press one of the seven chord buttons, and the two arpeggiators and drone follow the chord notes while your polyphonic synth sings with pads.

There are start and stop buttons for each of the four parts, and a button to start/stop all parts. And there’s a “panic” button to stop all MIDI notes.

A color LCD screen shows you everything that’s going on. A very flat menu structure keeps menu diving to a minimum.

Pick a key, a mode and control the BPM of The NDLR’s MIDI clock.

With two sets of 5 pin DIN MIDI inputs and outputs, and four virtual USB MIDI ports you have lots of ways to connect your MIDI devices. There is also CV clock in and out connectors to sync with your Korg Volcas, modular or semi-modular synths.

It works with MIDI hardware synths, and your DAW and tablet, if that’s your thing.

Once you master the basics, dive into the 8x modulation matrix. It lets you animate most of The NDLR’s parameters. You can even send LFOs to your MIDI gear.

The NDLR includes a Pattern editor to make arp and modulation patterns, a rhythm editor and now a Chord Sequencer too! Once you have your perfect piece, you can save your patches.


USB Power Supply not included; The NDLR runs on 5V DC, 90mA.
Suitable USB power includes; PCs (but maybe not older laptops with low voltage USB), high quality USB phone charger, or USB battery pack.

The NDLR comes with a 6 foot USB cable. You can purchase longer or shorter cables as needed, with USB A to USB B connectors.

MIDI Synthesizer(s); The NDLR is a MIDI playing device, it doesn’t make any sound on its own, it sends MIDI messages to your MIDI sound modules. It can play most anything with MIDI input including vintage synths, modern synths, mono and polyphonic synths,  software synthesizers, on an iPad, PC, stand-alone or VSTs in a DAW. Note that some vintage synths or synths with poor MIDI implementations may be prone to getting stuck notes. Use the Panic button on The NDLR when needed.

To connect many synths, and for the best MIDI timing we recommend using an active, 1 input to 4 or more outputs MIDI thru device or MIDI router.

The NDLR has rich velocity controls if your synths support velocity,  not all do.

The NDLR can be controlled with an external MIDI controller or sequencer. See The NDLR Setup Examples in The NDLR User Manual for details.

Dims: Size 9”W x 6.3”L x 2.8″H (22.8 x 16 x 7.1cm) • Color LCD Screen 1.8” (128×160)

8 Rotary Encoders w/ switch

7 Chord Buttons (degree / type)

4 Play/Pause Buttons (PAD, Drone, Motif 1, Motif 2)

Motif 1 or Motif 2 Select

Global Play/Stop Button

Shift & Menu Buttons

Recessed Firmware Update Button (upgrades via USB)

2x MIDI 5-Pin Inputs

2x MIDI 5-Pin Outputs

1x USB w/ 4 Virtual USB MIDI I/O ports + Power

1x Clock Out 1/8th inch jack

1x Clock In 1/8th inch jack


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