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Critter & Guitari Terz Amplifier

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Critter & Guitari Terz Amplifier - Synth Palace
Critter & Guitari Terz Amplifier

Critter & Guitari Terz Amplifier

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The Terz Amplifier, designed specifically for Third Man Records, is a hybrid of classic analog amplification circuitry and cutting-edge power electronics. It is a portable, loud amp that sounds great while using only four rechargeable ‘AA’ batteries. Alluding to the “three” in Third Man, the amp has just three controls: High and low-frequency gain and volume. The speaker grill design also riffs on the idea of “three.” The name ‘Terz’, meaning “third” in German, is a name of smaller classical guitars - we thought it fitting considering the size of the amp! There are two analog gain/distortion circuits behind the sound of the amp. The left knob controls the amount of silicon diode distortion and low-frequency adjustment. The center knob controls the amount of germanium diode distortion for high-end crunch. The right knob controls the overall volume of the amp.


Dimensions: All-metal (aluminum) powder-coated enclosure: 5.0" x 3.375" x 7.0" (length, width (including knobs), height)

Available colors: Matte Black enclosure, yellow knobs with black pointers; Yellow enclosure, black knobs with yellow pointers

Weight: 2.0 lbs (no batteries)

Speaker: 15W speaker (4" diameter)

Input: 1/4" monophonic input jack

Controls: Three control knobs - Silicon distortion, Germanium distortion, and VolumeLow/High Gain Switch

Power: Ships with power supply: 9VDC

1.0 Amps, center-positive polarity tip

Can also be powered from 4 'AA' batteries (NiMH rechargeable batteries provide maximum volume)

When batteries begin to run low, Power Status LED changes from orange to red


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