Elektron Analog Four MKII

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Elektron Analog Four MKII - Synth Palace
Elektron Analog Four MKII - Synth Palace

Elektron Analog Four MKII

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Four voice polyphonic analog tabletop synthesizer

The sound of worlds colliding — Inimitable analog sound combined with razor-sharp digital accuracy. The Analog Four MKII fuses together the best of both worlds. The Analog Four MKII synth module and sequencer, the second generation of Elektron's 4-voice analog synth, is better than ever. Elektron has redesigned the analog circuitry to deliver deeper, more defined bass than the original, and the analog overdrive section offers even more bite and growl. The cast aluminum enclosure and ultra-rugged backlit buttons (rated for 50 million presses) make this a road-ready performance tool. The vivid OLED screen offers improved visual feedback. Plus, precision hi-res encoders and the addition of quick performance controls make for user-friendly hands-on experience. If you've been waiting for the classic combination of a 4-voice analog synth and sequencer, wait no longer.

Analog bliss

Organic, steely, warm, cold, chaotic, exact, and all the shades in between. Mold your own unique analog basses, leads, drums, and whatever other abnormal noises can be dreamt up. Program them with precision, or feel free to design as you go. With sounds as vast as the most infinite of palettes, entire tracks can be created from scratch.

From sounds to songs

Four synth tracks and an intuitive step sequencer enable you to easily create and layer melodies. Then playback your composition and immediately reshape it. Change notes, alter sounds, add effects. Make it as glistening and airy or dark and dense as you desire. Something beautifully unique will emerge every single time.

Modular control

Not only a splendid synthesizer, the Analog Four MKII can also make other gear sing. Thanks to the CV/Gate sequencing and DIN sync outputs, external analog gear can be controlled in great detail. Make any modular or vintage synthesizer rig come truly alive. Class Compliant USB Audio gives you the freedom to connect to a compatible phone, tablet, or computer, and record or process your audio easier than ever before. Or software add app superpowers to give you untold parameter possibilities: more modulation, more LFOs, more magic.

Playability focused features

Spontaneous performance or meticulous composition: it’s up to you. Whatever your approach, you’ll be able to pull on a variety of unique playability features to uncover the next happy accident. Add some controlled randomness with Trig probability. Or use Step Recording to carve your patterns out step by step.

Inspiration dynamite

The Analog Four MKII comes chock-full of exceptional factory content to get you started. The likes of Eraldo Bernocchi, Spit Mask, as well as the dedicated Elektron team from across the globe, have collected a fresh bank of patterns and kits to tap into – giving you access to a variety of awesome audio slices straight out of the box. 


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