Elektron SidStation

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Elektron SidStation - Synth Palace
Elektron SidStation - Synth Palace

Elektron SidStation

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The SidStation is a MIDI-controlled synthesizer with real-time controllers. The heart of this synthesizer is the sound generating chip from the classic home computer Commodore 64. This sound chip, named SID (Sound Interface Device) was developed in the early eighties by Bob Yannes at MOS technology.

The rediscovery of the SID-sound will be a pleasant surprise for many sound explorers that are looking for something more exciting than the current crop of analog imitating 'virtual' synthesizers.

Features of the SidStation synth module include a rotary wheel for easy data entry, an alpha-numeric 2x16 LCD display with back-lighting, audio input and output, 3 syncable oscillators with traditional (triangle, sawtooth, pulse) waveforms, nice resonant filters, arpeggiators, effects and ring modulation. The numeric keyboard and large knobs offer a unique form of hands-on desktop electronic music production. voice


Oscillators: 3 osc: triangle, sawtooth, pulse, mixed, noise; PWM

LFO: 4 individual routable LFOs

Filter: 1 Resonant filter: lowpass, bandpass, highpass or any combination

Effects: Portamento

Arpeg/Seq: One Arpeggiator for each oscillator

Keyboard: Numeric keyboard

Control: MIDI In, Out, Through


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