Elka Rhapsody 490

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Elka Rhapsody 490

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The Rhapsody 490 is a sweet string synth from Elka.

This a collector's gem from 1975. All it does is the classic 70s string sounds AND its polyphonic! If you remember the ARP string Ensemble this sounds very very close to that sound. Used on 1,000 of albums back in the day including Tangerine Dream. It has 2 preset sounds,  Violin Cello & Strings, which can be played independently or mixed, volume, and sustain control.

Ah! sound. No surprise, this is a string machine as we did more. The sound is very different from a Solina, Crumar and Roland RS.

The best known of these devices is the ARP Solina string together that can be heard on Bowie's Low, the first of JM Jarre (he also used an Elka), and more on the piece rcemment Kida Radiohead (3'05) or the Total Air Moon Safari. Slightly less than the full Solina in sound, a little more aggressive but still a good effect

Simpler but also more lightweight and much less expensive than Solina this machine its own character. The sound is clear and can possibly go through a filter or a phaser.


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