MFB Microzwerg

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MFB Microzwerg - Synth Palace
MFB Microzwerg - Synth Palace

MFB Microzwerg

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  • Brand: MFB
  • Type: Synthesizer
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MICROZWERG is a small monophonic, analog synthesizer that can be controlled by MIDI as well as analog CV- and Gate voltages. It offers various in- and outputs to modify the pre-wired internal signal routing using patch chords. Of course, integration to external analog components is possible through patch chords, too. MICROZWERG contains all typical elements of subtractive synthesis and is suited for classic bass- and lead sounds as well as various effect sounds. In addition, MICROZWERG can be used a filter box for external line-level audio sources.


Oscillators: Dual oscillator

Filters: Dual multimode-filter

Modulation: Two LFOs with „One Shot“-function / ADSR envelope

Inputs: Separate inputs/outputs for both filters

Outputs: Separate inputs/outputs for both filters

Dimensions: 175 x 125 x 38/72 mm


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