MFB Step64

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MFB Step64 - Synth Palace
MFB Step64 - Synth Palace

MFB Step64

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  • SKU: seq-030
  • Brand: MFB
  • Type: Sequencer
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the mfb-step64 is a step-sequencer with up to 64 monophonic steps, or 16 step lengths that are 4-voice polyphonic (for example). in monophonic mode it is possible to enter 16 steps with five parameters each, 32 steps with 3 parameters each or any combination with an order of 64 total note on/off steps. additional parameters can include velocity, gate-time (1/6 to 6/6) or 2 control voltages for additonal control (e.g. filter cutoff). the cv can be changed per step. you may also use the mfb-step64 for 2 monophonic sequences with 3 parameters, for 4 monophonic sequences or as a 4-voice polyphonic note on/off sequencer. each mode has 118 separate memory locations. you may include pauses into a sequence as well as legato notes by pressing two or more notes next to each other. on mode 4 (4-voice, polyphonic) you can easily create chords (e.g. major, minor). each sequence can use one of 15 shuffle settings to give it more liveliness.

additionally, the song mode allows you to create a structure out of the existing sequences with up to 128 steps. transposition of the sequence is directly possible by the sequence buttons or via midi. the mfb-step64 is 175 x 125 x 38/72 mm in size and comes with an external power supply. also included are two adaptor cables for the cv/gate outputs.


- step-sequencer with up to 64 steps

- up to 4-voice polyphony (16 steps)

- 4 banks with 118 memory locations each

- midi in/out and 4 x cv/gate outs

- programmable velocity, gate-time and 2 x cv outs

- 15 shuffle settings

- 16 song memory locations each with up to 128 sequences


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