MFB Urzwerg Pro

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MFB Urzwerg Pro - Synth Palace
MFB Urzwerg Pro - Synth Palace

MFB Urzwerg Pro

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MFB Urzwerg Pro is a step sequencer designed for both MIDI and control voltage operation.

The Urzwerg Pro is an extended version of the company’s Urzwerg step sequencer. The new version offers output of MIDI-notes and -controllers as well as 32 individual step LEDs to keep track of the sequences’ status.

The Urzwerg Pro offers 32 steps that can either be used for two sequences with up to 16 steps each or with four sequences with up to 8 steps each. You may control up to four synthesizers or CV-controllable parameters in an analogue modular system simultaneously. Using the MIDI-output allows to address four separate synthesizers or multitimbral parts in a single synthesizer. In addition, you may play your MIDI-synth with two, three or voices polyphony. When playing it duo-phonically, the two remaining tracks can be used to control velocity and mod-wheel-data (MIDI-CC 01). Using it with three polyphonic voices, still allows for velocity control.

The MFB Urzwerb Pro Step Sequencer

In 4 x 8 mode, URZWERG PRO can control up to four individual NANOZWERG synths using CV/Gate. As another example, you can also control and individually modulate pitch, pulse width, filter-cutoff and LFO-speed in MFB’s KRAFTZWERG. Finally, using URZWERG PRO in combination with a modular synthesizer-system will allow for even more versatile options. URZWERG PRO’s Gate- and CV-inputs are fully compatible to all common eurorack-format modular systems.

The use of MIDI allows similar applications as using CV/Gate connections but will add further functionality.Sounds can be played polyphonically with up to four voices. Using URZWERG PRO duo-phonically or as dual-monophonic, you can use the remaining two MIDI-controllers to output velocity and mod-wheel-data in parallel with the first two tracks. In a CV/Gate-based synthesizer, all parameters with CV-input can be addressed directly. On the contrary, MIDI-control through URZWERG PRO always also depends on the routing-options of the connected instrument.

URZWERG PRO was designed for intuitive operation. All functions feature designated controls for editing while the sequencer is running. For best overview, URZWERG PRO now features LEDs per step. These LEDs do not only visualize the sequence current position but also the skip-buttons’ status. While setting the MIDI-channel and the operating modes, these LEDs also function as a display.

When using URZWERG PRO on stage, you can set, edit and remove steps live. In addition, you can also modify the sequences’ directions and their individual lengths. As a new feature, URZWERG PRO features a random-function to playback a row’s steps at random. Another novelty is the auto-glide-function. Here, as in the TB-303, glide will only become active with tied notes.

URZWERG PRO allows setting of independent gate-lengths, ranges and glides for rows 1/2 and 3/4. Range defines the CV-range for the step-knobs between 1-10V. For pitch control, the range up to 5V can be quantized. Here, we have added four different scalings to chose from: semitones, whole tones, pentatonic, hexatonic.

All four rows feature skip-buttons per step to activate/deactivate gate-triggers for these positions. Alternatively, the skip-buttons can also deactivate the CV-step-control. To add more liveliness, URZWERG also offers two optimized shuffle-modes.

URZWERG PRO provides four Gate- and CV-outputs to control compatible analogue synthesizers and modular systems. Start-I/O and Clock-I/O allow URZWERG PRO to be synchronized to and sync other analogue sequencers. The additional CV-Clock-input allows for dynamic tempo-control, e.g. using an external LFO or a CV-controller. To sync URZWERG PRO via MIDI, the unit can send and receive start/stop-commands as well as MIDI-clock. In addition, it is possible to transpose sequences and address individual steps using a MIDI-keyboard or DAW.


- 32 step-controls – 32 skip-switches – 32 LEDs

- two run-modes offering 2 x 16 or 4 x 8 steps

- 4 x CV/Gate-outputs

- polyphonic and monophonic MIDI-output

- four available note quantize modes


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