Moog Memorymoog

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Moog Memorymoog - Synth Palace
Moog Memorymoog - Synth Palace

Moog Memorymoog

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The Memorymoog was the last official synth, made back in 1982, to come from Moog before they eventually went bankrupt and out of business. There were two versions of this synth: the Memorymoog and the Memorymoog Plus (the version can be determined via the Autotune feature). The Plus model added a basic MIDI implementation, a Sequencer, and it also had more stable oscillator control, making the Plus model more valuable to collectors than the standard model. However, this particular Memorymoog has much more stable custom modded MIDI implementation than the Memorymoog Plus.

The Memorymoog is like having six Minimoogs stacked in one! Features include VCO syncing, sample and hold, and separate filters for each voice! It also has a Unison mode for a fat 18 oscillator monophonic bass and lead sound. And as its name would suggest, it has memory storage - 100 patches! It should also be noted that, while they appear relatively rugged, Memorymoogs are prone to problems, notably missing or stuck voices. It is used by 808 State, The Orb, The Crystal Method, Air, Jean-Michel Jarre, Freddy Fresh, Jan Hammer, Bon Jovi, INXS, Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, Moog Cookbook, Rick Wakeman, Labradford, Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), George Duke and James "Jimmy Jam" Harris III.


Polyphony: 6 Voices

Oscillators: 3 VCO's per voice
(pulse, saw, triangle, or any combination)

LFO: triangle, pulse, sine, and square waves

Filter: One 24 dB/oct lowpass VCF w/ ADSR per voice!

Keyboard: 61 keys

Effects: None

Arpeg/Seq: Sample & Hold. Plus model had a sequencer

Memory: 100 patches

Control: CV / Gate and MIDI


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