Nord Stage 3

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Nord Stage 3 - Synth Palace
Nord Stage 3 - Synth Palace
Nord Stage 3 - Synth Palace

Nord Stage 3

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  • Brand: Nord
  • Type: Synthesizer
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Ultra-light 76-key Stage Piano

With an amazingly lightweight design and all the sounds you'll need, the Nord Stage 3 HP76 is an outstanding performance instrument. This fifth-generation Stage Series keyboard offers the award-winning Nord Lead A1 Synth Engine (with sample playback), the renowned Nord C2D Organ Engine, an advanced piano section, and access to hands-on effects — everything you need for a stellar performance in any setting. Factor in Nord's 76-note, Hammer Action Portable keybed, and it's clear that the Nord Stage 3 HP76 is a world-class performance keyboard.

Excellent playability from the lightweight Hammer Action Portable keybed

The Nord Stage 3 HP76 sports Nord's lightweight Hammer Action Portable keybed, the same one found on the Nord Electro HP models and the Nord Piano HP. Keyboardists of all styles at Sweetwater agree that it's an outstanding keybed that's well suited for piano, organ, and synth performances. This keybed has a note range of E to G.

Piano, organ, and synth sound engines onboard

From expansive grand pianos to searing synthesizer leads, the Nord Stage 3 HP76 does it all. You'll be able to cover a wide range of musical styles in a single session, and a slew of dedicated function controls makes it easy to tweak your sounds until they're perfect for your application. And with two independent instrument slots, you can load up two pianos, two organs, two synths, and effects, all simultaneously to create huge layered sounds.

Choose your favorite instruments from the Nord Piano Library

The Nord Stage 3 HP76 boasts 2GB of memory for sounds from the Nord Piano Library. This is Nord's collection of painstakingly emulated instruments including acoustic and electric pianos, harpsichords, clavinets, and much more. While the factory-included sounds on the Stage 3 HP76 are outstanding, you'll be able to pick and choose even more from the Nord Piano Library.

Nord Stage 3 HP76 76-key Stage Piano Features:

  • Digital stage piano with piano, organ, and synthesizer sound engines
  • Fast and smooth feel from the 76-key weighted Hammer Action Portable keybed
  • 2 OLED displays for Program and Synth sections provide clear navigation and operation
  • Seamless Transitions between program changes eliminate interruptions in your sound when changing patches
  • Song Mode with set list functionality makes it easier to manage your stage performances and keep up at the gig
  • 2GB of memory to add your favorite instrument sounds from the Nord Piano Library
  • 2 independent instrument slots allow you to utilize 2 pianos, 2 organs, 2 synths, and effects simultaneously
  • Expanded instrument selection includes electric pianos, strings, voices, folk instruments, and more
  • Extern Section allows you to integrate external MIDI sound modules as if they were part of the keyboard
  • Vital functions have dedicated controls so you can access them quickly Supports Program Changes from external footswitch (not included)


Number of Keys: 76

Type of Keys: Portable weighted hammer action, aftertouch Other

Controllers: Modulation wheel, Pitch stick Polyphony: 120 Notes Piano, 34 Notes

Synth Presets: 400 programs with 8 banks, Lead A1 Synth Engine, Organ modeling; Vox Continental, Farfisa, Pipe Organ

Effects: Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Ring Modulator, Tremolo, Auto Pan, Wah, Speaker simulations, Filters, Rotary, Reverb, Compressor

Audio Inputs: 1 x 1/8" (monitor in) Audio Outputs: 4 x 1/4" (channels 1-4), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)

USB: 1 x Type B


Pedal Inputs: 2 x 1/4" (sustain, control), 1 x 1/4" (organ swell), 1 x 1/4" (rotor pedal), 1 x 1/4" (program change)

Features: 2GB Piano sound memory, 4 keyboard zones (3 split points), Nord Sound Manager (Mac/PC)

Power Supply: Standard IEC AC cable

Height: 5"

Width: 44"

Depth: 13.6"

Weight: 27.5 lb

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