Oberheim DSX

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Oberheim DSX - Synth Palace
Oberheim DSX - Synth Palace

Oberheim DSX

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In the early 1980s Oberheim unveiled a new (pre-MIDI) proprietary system called the Oberheim Parallel Buss. This was a system in which several newly released pieces of Oberheim gear could be easily connected and synchronized. These included the lush OB-8 eight-voice synth, the DMX drum machine, and the DSX Digital Polyphonic Sequencer. The DSX can interface directly with other Oberheim synths as well, including the OB-Xa, OB-SX, and OB-X. The DSX can synchronize to the DMX, or it can control the OB-synths. In addition to controlling these synths, the DSX features 8 CV and Gate outputs to control up to 8 more other analog synthesizers!

For an analog synth player, the DSX adds an incredible amount of sequencing power never really seen on other analog synths' built-in sequencers of the time. The DSX records in real time the notes and patch changes you create while playing your OB-synth. It can hold up to 6,000 notes! The DSX can store up to 10 different sequences/songs. Each sequence can have 10 polyphonic tracks for multiple OB-synths and DMXs. Patch info including splits and doubles can be stored too. Quantizing, looping, editing, transposing, and sequence merging are a few more features. If you've got any of these classics (pre-MIDI) Oberheim analog OB-synths lying around, the DSX is an easy way to directly control them in a classic way, and without any need for MIDI retro-fits or interfaces.

DSX hack is software that allows you to modify the DSX to accept any midi keyboard input.


Polyphony: 10 polyphonic tracks per sequence

Sounds: None

Effects: None

Sequencer: 6,000 Note Capacity. 10 polyphonic tracks per sequence/song

Songs: 10 Sequences/Songs

VCA: None

Keyboard: None

Control: Oberheim Parallel Buss; 8 CV/Gate INs/OUTs


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