Regal Amp Model 630

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Regal Amp Model 630 - Synth Palace

Regal Amp Model 630

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  • Brand: Regal
  • Type: Amp
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Pretty cool tube amp here with a tube-driven tremolo, and a clean I would compare to a bassman, all ptp wired, 15-inch speaker from Univox from 1962 this is a wicked organic-sounding amp that holds lows together so well. Great for recording, comes in at 20 watts. I've been a big fan of this amp for the last year or so, scooped it up from a studio after falling in love with it. Being a Canadian it's kind of cool to have a Canadian-made amp that isn't a Traynor from this era. nothing wrong with Traynor, it's just cool to get my hands on something a little different, the amp is wired much like a bassman and it shows that in its sound. One of the best break-up sounds I’ve heard.


Details: 17 watts, 1 X 15” Alnico speaker

Knobs: (1) Volume (2) Bass (3) Treble (4) Tremolo On/Off

Rate tubes: 5Y3, 6BQ5 (Qty 2), 6AV6 (Qty 4)

Output: Push-Pull - 2x 6BQ5 (EL84)

Impedance: 8 ohms

Tremolo: Yes

Reverb: No

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