Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80

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Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80 - Synth Palace
Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80 - Synth Palace

Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80

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  • Brand: Roland
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The MKS-80 is basically a refined Jupiter-8 in a module. It is called the Super Jupiter and it is very fat and very analog! Its great sound is due in part to the classic analog Roland technology in its filters, modulation capabilities and a thick cluster of 16 analog oscillators at 2 per voice. It comes in a 2 space rack-module - no keyboard here. Tons of editing capabilities, although editing is tedious on its own. It's got all the classic sounds of the Jupiter synths and so much more. An excellent choice for ambient drones, pads, blips, buzzes and leads.! It is used by Hardfloor, Astral Projection, Vince Clarke, Vangelis, Pet Shop Boys, and Snap. Use the MPG-80 for easier and more traditional slider control when editing the MKS-80, which is included in this package. It offers control of every MKS-80 parameter with traditional sliders. To truly harness the power of the MKS-80 you'll need this companion.

*** we carry the Roland MPG-80 as well to enhance your MKS-80/Super Jupiter experience.


Polyphony: 8 voices

Oscillators: 16 Oscillators at 2 per voice!

Memory: 64 single, 64 combination

Filter: Low pass filter w/ ADSR, Hi pass filter

VCA: Standard ADSR

Arpeg/Seq: None

Keyboard: None

Control: MIDI


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