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SOMA Laboratory Pipe

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SOMA Laboratory Pipe - Synth Palace
SOMA Laboratory Pipe - Synth Palace
SOMA Laboratory Pipe - Synth Palace

SOMA Laboratory Pipe

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  • Brand: SOMA Laboratory
  • Type: Synthesizer
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The Pipe, from SOMA Laboratory, is a new take on dynamic breath control. Designed as an entirely new approach to using a voice in the context of electronic or experimental music composition, The Pipe boasts a thoughtful design that underscores its powerful features. The breadth of its usefulness is immediately recognizable upon glancing at the thing, its unique shape makes it perfect for holding in a single hand, leaving the other free to manipulate the settings therein or play other instruments.

One of The Pipe's most understated features is its microphone design. Due to the careful construction and selection of components, the internal contact microphone is not just another one-trick-pony. Rather, it responds to subtle nuances like the performer's lip position and breathing. This affords the ability to transcend conventional singing and influence the instrument in a variety of ways that render their output more akin to that of a beatboxer or non-linear noise source as opposed to a traditional vocalist. Whatever the desired result, SOMA have taken great care to ensure that The Pipe is all one needs to unleash the depths of their subconscious.

The Pipe holds 12 different algorithms, each of which alter its behavior in drastic ways and open new levels of interaction. Physically, The Pipe is essentially two components: a handheld piece and break-out box. The handheld piece can be affixed to a stand for even more freedom.

This is the BLACK version of The Pipe.

Dynamic FX processor with 12 algorithms

Comprised of a handheld piece and breakout box

Sensitive contact mic is easily influenced by subtle motions like breath and lip position XLR connection

Includes adapter and XLR cable


  • Orpheus
  • Filterra
  • Synth
  • Reverb
  • Madelay
  • Pulse
  • Bassdrum
  • Switchable Bassdrum
  • Bassdrum + Snare
  • Oktava
  • Generator
  • Harcho


Max Input Voltage: 2.5V p-p

Input Impedance: 250 kOhm

Nom Output Voltage: 2V p-p

Mx Output Voltage: 9V p-p

Power Requirements: AC input, 90-240 V; DC output, +12 V

Current Draw: 80mA


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