Stereoping CE-1 Six Tweak Midi Controller

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Stereoping CE-1 Six Tweak Midi Controller - Synth Palace
Stereoping CE-1 Six Tweak Midi Controller - Synth Palace

Stereoping CE-1 Six Tweak Midi Controller

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  • Brand: Stereoping
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Stereoping CE-1 Midi Synthesizer Controller loaded with SCI Six Trak midi program and Six Tweak faceplate.
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The Stereoping Synth Controller is a small studio tool which will be connected with your music synthesizer to allow editing it’s extensive world of parameters conveniently in realtime. Instead of struggling with the synth’s built in cumbersome edit-interface, the Stereoping Synth Controller offers 16 dial pots and 3 lighted buttons to shape the sound interactively.

The Stereoping Synth Controller simply will be plugged in between the device sending mididata (Midi Output of your keyboard/DAW) and your synthesizer (Midi In jack). Incoming data from your sequencer (e.g. notes, pitchbend …) will be merged in the Synth Controller with it’s own commands and sent to the synth all together. You can tweak the knobs while your synth is fired by notes from the sequencer – realtime.



  • Synthesizer hardware realtime patch editor
  • High quality, durable, strong standard parts in good, old Through-Hole-Technology (no SMD)
  • Potentiometers with absolute “direct-jump-to-parameter”-behavior – no endless rotary encoders - Tough and compact, painted steel case without old fashioned wooden sides
  • Protection diode prevents electrical damage from wrong polarization of power supply
  • Front panels designed to match the different editions target synth
  • Highly optimized and natively programs firmware
  • Bootloader offers firmware updates by midi sysex-dump
  • Intuitive and simple user interface – no confusing double function with ‘Shift’- or ‘Alt’-keys 
  • ‘Midi controller to SysEx’-translator to edit your synth remotely with common standard midi controller data
  • parameters with few different values (e.g. LFO waveform) just send only concrete parameter changes to avoid redundant data
  • Useful ‘turn the pot but do not send parameter’-feature as a workaround to avoid parameter jumps
  • Useful ‘bypass mode’ in which ALL incoming mididate is sent through unfiltered. At the same time all knob turns are completely ignored
  • Learnt midi channel saved in internal memory


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