Stereoping ProVessorS for Prophet VS

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Stereoping ProVessorS for Prophet VS - Synth Palace

Stereoping ProVessorS for Prophet VS

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A dedicated deluxe controller for the prophet VS transforming your vector synthesis experience into an unparalleled synth fantasy.

The Stereoping ‘proVessorS’ is the next logical step after our successful Synth Controller. It allows direct access to all parameters of your favourite music synthesizer – with 45 pots, 4 endless dials, a 2×16 character display and 7 old-school pushbuttons. High-quality electronic parts in a tough and cute steelcase Made in Germany.

The programmer will be connected to your synth in a loop (MIDI IN to MIDI OUT and vice versa) for both to use the same initial patch-parameter values. On turning a knob the display shows – besides the new – also the ‘old’ value for targeted, non-destructive editing. Of course the programmer has a second MIDI IN jack to be connected to your DAW or sequencer. Incoming Midi data will be merged with the parameter changes from the frontpanel and will be sent together into your synthesizer. You can tweak the sound while the sequencer fires notes into the synth at the same time.

The 45 most important parameters are assigned directly to pots. The remainings are clustered in groups and quickly accessible over display and encoders.

One feature we always loved on vintage synthesizers is the Chord Memory. We therefore thought it would be nice to integrate one in the proVessorS. A learnt chord (up to 6 notes) can be transposed on the keyboard by pressing just one key. The Chord Memory of the proVessorS does not only memorize one chord, it offers five, each with it’s own strum delay! These five ‘Chord-Slots’ can be swapped quickly by midi notes to play or automate the most complex chord progressions. All your learnt chords will be saved automatically and are instantly available after the next powerup.

Each proVessorS comes with a decent, detailed, printed operation manual in english. For the DIY kit we will offer a pictured building instructions PDF. The kit is complete: all parts, pre-programmed MPU, knobs and a tough steelcase with faceplate.

The endless pressing of knobs to adjust all the point’s levels and rates has come to an end. The workflow is as easy as it is on the Chroma’s edition: just select any PROGRAM on your VS and the Programmer gets the suitable parameter data automatically – the Program’s original values will be displayed when you start to turn the knobs. You will get a much easier access to the Prophet’s powerful arpeggiator as well as the modulation matrix’s switches and depths. The Programmer offers many practical features, e.g. the oscillator’s waveforms are only selected and brought to screeen when touching their knobs to avoid unwanted drastical sound changes. They can be changed then with the encoders.


Since firmware version 1.5 (01/2020) we integrated a „CC Mode“ in all editions (except Pulse) of the Synth Programmer. This turns your Programmer into a universal Midi controller for the so-called „Midi Control Change“ commands (CC). Sending standard CC messages is quite handy for remoting VST plugins or hardware responding to CC. This manual describes the features and functions of the Synth Programmer’s CC Mode in detail.

Features of the CC Mode

  • Since OS version 1.5 the CC mode is automatically integrated in all editions (except Pulse) and will be switched on/off in the Programmer’s PREFS. It is not necessary to flash a „CC mode edition“ on it’s own. You need to flash the firmware update of your edition though.
  • the CC mode offers 4 independent and configurable sets for quickly changing between different control targets / VST instruments / tasks
each set got it’s own editable name and all the definitions for the 45 knobs
  • each knob can be assigned it’s CC number and midi channel (1-16 or the Programmer’s basechannel). In addition, you can define a stepwidth (e.g. 0,4,8,12…) or a maximum value (e.g. to send the values 0-8 over the complete knob turn angle).
  • Individual sets can be exported from the Programmer as SysEx-dump and they can be imported back of course.
  • Magnetic overlays with different motives available in the shop. Suitable Set-Dumps can be found in the download section.


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