Traynor YBA-1 and Cabinet

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Traynor YBA-1 and Cabinet - Synth Palace

Traynor YBA-1 and Cabinet

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*** single 15" white cabinet without rollers is included but not pictured here

Perhaps the best known of all Traynor amplifiers is the YBA-1. Initially introduced under the Dyna-Bass name in 1963, the YBA-1 Bass Master was introduced in 1964 and produced into the ‘70s (later reissued in the 2000s). Similar in design and tone to the Fender Bassman and the Marshall JTM45 designs of the period, the model spawned several variants with different features and output levels.

The original YBA-1 produced between 40 and 50 watts of output driven by Two 6CA7s (which are interchangeable with EL34s) and three 12AX7As. Though designed as a bass amplifier, the model was quickly adopted by guitarists. While the Bass Master did not have a master volume control, by “jumpering” between the amp’s channels guitarists quickly discovered a pleasing overdriven tone.

During the ‘80s the YBA-1 developed a reputation as a tremendous mod platform with hundreds of guitarists converting the circuitry in search of a higher gain and a more “British” sound. Among purists, the original unadulterated circuitry is still lauded for a tone that hovers somewhere between those of the classic Fender and Marshall models it resembles.

Amazing Canadian tube amp, extremely loud and clean, jumper the channels and turn up the Doom! Makes an excellent pedal platform amp for heavy slow fuzz-drenched riffs, these amps are said to be easily modded and are often called the Canadian plexi.


Power Ratings: 90 Watts R.M.S. Clean. 150 Watts R.M.S. Max

Output Impedance: 8 ohms with main output in use. 4 ohms with both outputs in use.

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