Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate

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Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate - Synth Palace
Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate

Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate

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The Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate is a bass guitar combo amp. It's a pretty compact amplifier and is all tube-based. It gets a very Vox-ey grind when pushed; the Bass-Mate is as close to a small-box 50 watts Marshall as I've ever heard many tones possible, very clean, tons of headroom (for guitar and bass) [The YBA-2B combo needs no help to get the kind of growl that many other amps need an array of pedals to obtain. I've got the [EL84] YBA-2B combo, and it's got a shamefully vibey grind, distinct but familiar. I'm nuts about it and have been looking for the 6V6 version for a few years. They seem a bit harder to find. [An EL84 YBA-2B Bass Mate] sounds absolutely fantastic! [...] It is rated at 25 watts but sounds more like a 100-watt killer tube amp with monster tone. I personally prefer the sound of this [6V6] amp over every amp in my home from the JCM 800 Marshalls, Fenders, every other Traynor, and even my early Ampeg Reverborocket. It is simply an awesome amplifier.


Preamp tubes: one 6AV6, one 12AX7

Output tubes: two 6V6s, cathode bias

Rectifier: 5Y3 tube

Controls: Volume, Tone

Output: 15 watts RMS +/-

Speaker: one 15″ Jensen-licensed RSC EMC1500

Dimensions: 27 1/4 " x 16 1/2" x 9 3/4"; weight: 42 lbs


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