Waldorf WAVE

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Waldorf WAVE - Synth Palace
Waldorf WAVE - Synth Palace

Waldorf WAVE

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Built from late 1993 to 1996, the Waldorf WAVE synthesizer is a descendant of the PPG Wave series,  using wavetable synthesis to create sounds. 64 wavetables, each with 64 waveforms, are available for each of the two oscillators. So it not only has a few static waveforms (sawtooth, triangle or pulse), but always has 64 waveforms, i.e. a complete wavetable on demand. The highlight is that you don't have to decide on a single waveform from the entire range, but on If you want to be able to play back several waveforms one after the other, you can set the start and end point of a wave cycle yourself and also dynamically control it while playing.

There is also FM synthesis for generating waves. Eight operators are available. Each operator has frequency and amplitude control. In contrast to pure FM synths, there is no fine-tuning of the frequency here, since detuning cannot be mapped in a wave with just one cycle. Almost like in a modular system, there is the possibility of modulating every imaginable parameter. The selection of modulation sources can only be described as lavish.

The Waldorf WAVE has two analog filters based on Curtis ICs, type 3379, for each of its standard 16 voices, providing incredible sheen and digital force. But also the analog bread-and-butter sounds. At 24 dB, the low-pass filter is a classic filter for sonorous sounds and can be driven to natural oscillation using resonance. The additional high-pass filter has a slope of 12 dB and is therefore very well suited for thinning out pads. Of course, the two filters can either be connected in series independently or used as bandpass or bandstop. The filters not only sound analog, they ARE analog, with the low-pass filter in particular sounding warm and full. In this way you can create wonderful pads from simple sawtooth beats, which you have only very rarely heard in such a monstrous density. 

The Waldorf WAVE is far more than just an inflated Microwave with lots of buttons. Its sound is unique: a mixture of digital and analog that can sound both brute and velvety soft. Its design and operation are very well thought out and still exemplary today. It is certainly in the top 10 in polyphonic synthesizer history.


Polyphony - 16 to 48 voices

Oscillators - Noise generator

Filter - Analog 24dB low pass filter, Analog 12dB high pass

Keyboard - 61 keys (velocity and aftertouch)

Memory - 256 patches, 256 performances

Control - MIDI

Date Produced - 1993


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