Yamaha TX802

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Yamaha TX802 - Synth Palace
Yamaha TX802 - Synth Palace

Yamaha TX802

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The TX-802 is the rackmount version of the DX-7II with a few added touches. It is an FM synth, so it is excellent at re-creating electric pianos, brass, analog sounds, and bells, but also for otherworldly sounds that only FM synthesis can generate. A required piece of gear in my opinion since the DX7 is such a legendary synth. There are thousands of patches available for this synth (can take DX7 and DX7II patches).

Despite its name, the TX802 FM Tone Generator is basically a rack-module version of the DX7mkII with full 8-part multi-timbral operation for sequencing and/or key mapping. It has 16-voices of polyphony and six digital FM Operators, the same as in the DX7mkII. There are 128 preset and 64 user patches for your sounds, as well as an external memory cartridge slot.

As if the large keyboard DX versions weren't difficult enough to program, the TX802's limited interface makes editing and programming your own sounds next to impossible without the help of external hardware or software editors. In the late 1980's, the TX802 was an excellent way to get a compact box full of Yamaha's DX sounds.

I was first introduced to the TX-802 in college in the late 80's and thought these units were very cool. I made a lot of compositions with these units and to this day still desire certain sounds from these units. While the TX-802 is essentially a vintage synth now, it should not be overlooked for the value it can add to any home midi studio. The TX-802 is not the easiest synth to use, but a little time is all that it takes to figure out the basics. Sure this unit is crap at acoustic sounds, but that is what samplers are for. I have not found a synth yet that can come close to the bell sounds and electric pianos of the TX-802.


Polyphony: Monophonic

Oscillators: 2 VCO's + Noise Gen. with ramp, triangle, variable-width pulse waveforms

Memory: 16 patches (plus cassette-tape save/load)

Filter: cutoff, res, ADSR env

LFO: square or triangle

Keyboard: 37 keys

Arpeg/Seq: YES

Control: CV /GATE


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